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Observer Stairclimbing Wheelchair

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* Observer stair climbing wheelchair is a unique new generation 4WD wheelchair which are able to move up and down stairs with ease. It also has a feature of keeping the seat in an self adjusting horizontal position according to the climbing up / down the stairs.

* Ability to move up the staircase
Observer Maximus 4WD electrical chair -rover is able to climb and descend the stairs up to 25º degrees and stairs as high as 15-17cm (5.9 - 6.7 inches) and normal slope up to 45º without any help.

* Overcoming the obstacles. Thanks to the change of the center of gravity during the movement, constant full-wheel drive and super-powerful engines (2.5 kw total) our wheel-chair is able to clime up to 45º degree track angle.

* U-turn function. Observer Maximus - one and only electric wheel-chair able to make 360° U-turn at the spot, with a radius of only 49cm. Therefore you can make turns in narrow and small spaces, for example, in a hallway.

* Battery life .   4pcs of Li-batteries (with a capacity of 27a/hr each) can provide up to 20 km (12.4274 miles) of climbing and driving on rough terrain, and up to 30 km (18.6411 miles) on straight and hard road surface.

* Unique balance. All batteries are located evenly, along the longitudinal axis of the lower part of the gear wheels. Powerful (1200Wt each) and heavy engines are also placed not higher then the axis of the wheels. Due to the following design our engineers were able to achieve unprecedentedly low position of the center of gravity on the chair, which in turn provides it with perfect stability (using the principle of tumbler toy). The angle of a rolling stability is <30. Thanks to it’s short base, the wheel-chair is able to climb bigger ramp angles than any other kind of wheel-chair.

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