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Verve FX [Verve FX]

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Verve FX
Verve FX is a folding powered wheelchair designed for indoor and level surface mobility. This powered wheelchair is the best choice for basic mobility and portability. Fold it and the Verve FX fits in to the smallest car's trunk. The all new design makes this wheelchair more rugged and long lasting.
Call alarm | fault alarm | reverse alarm (on request) | Low voltage alarm | Key pad locking | Mobility cut-off while charging | Auto shut-off after 3 minutes | Five speed selector | Length adjustable joystick control unit (can be changed from left to right and vice versa) | Foldable, height adjustable and angle adjustable foot rest | Wide arm rest with height and width adjustment | Basic seat |Removable seat back rest | Removable calf support | One year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.
Technical specifications:
Load capacity: 100 | Kg Speed: 7 Kmph max | Speed selection: 5 speeds | Speed 1- 1Kmph |Speed 2-1.75 Kmph | speed 3- 3.5 Kmph | Speed 4- 5.25 Kmph | Speed 5- 7.0 Kmph
Power: 270W | Motor speed: 4700 rpm | Gear ratio: 25:1 | Brake: Electromagnetic | Permissible Gradeability: 12 Degrees | Drive range*: 12-15 Km | Ground clearance:3.0 inches | Turn circle radius: 580mm
(Puncture free foam filled rubber tires)
Front- Tire diameter: 200X50 mm | Rear- Tire diameter: 220X55mm | Anti tippers-1 inch solid
24 Volt 24 Ah Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA
Input-230/240 Volts AC Single phase, Output-24 Volts-4 Amps DC
Overall length with footrest (at 90 degree):1040mm | Overall width:550mm | Overall height: 950mm |Overall height after folding the seat: 680mm | Overall weight: 44 Kg (fully assembled) and 22 Kg (while folding)
Seat depth: 420mm | Seat width:410mm | Backrest height: 420mm (without head rest) | Backrest width: 410mm | Seat base height from ground:560mm
Arm Rest:
Width:75mm | Height adjustment:100mm | Width adjustment: 50mm
Foot rest-single foot rest:
Length:210mm | Width:150mm | Length adjustment:150mm | Angle adjustment: Up to 150 degrees

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